Marx & Marx is a firm that fights for the civil workplace rights of all employees. With a steadfast commitment to workplace equality and an agile legal strategy, Marx & Marx is a firm focused on preserving the rights of equal opportunity and integrity in the professional space.

The commitment to such a core pillar of their legal philosophy starts at the beginning; all cases are handled personally by partners Jeannie and Robert Marx. With more than 40 years of legal experience in multiple U.S. states and districts, Jeannie and Robert provide to their clientele the interaction that clients need: warm compassion & humility balanced with cool tenacity & determination.

As with anything in life, it’s not the number of lawyers representing you; it’s the calibre of those lawyers.

Some of the hardest working people we have ever met are the clients who come to our law firm with an employment law issue. We feel it is only right for us to go to any length to protect your rights as an employee who has been wronged by their employer. Whether you work for a mom-and-pop-business that was trying to avoid government regulations or for a massive corporation that thinks it is too big to combat, we can be the team that represents you.




Robert Marx is a founding partner of Marx & Marx, bringing to the firm decades of experience working on civil rights issues in numerous states. Beginning his legal career at the Human Rights Division in New York in 1976, Robert has specialized in litigation ranging from sexual harassment and race discrimination to whistleblower and disability. Of particular note regarding his time at the Human Rights Division are Robert’s first-hand experience with some of the very first cases dealing with pregnancy discrimination and transgender rights.

Following nearly a decade at the Human Rights Division, Robert opened Marx & Marx, L.L.C. with Jeannie Marx in 1984 with an aim at combating discrimination of all forms and sexual harassment in the workplace. His trial acumen tested at the highest courts in New York and Georgia, Robert brings to the Marx & Marx practice a personal attention, working on every case with partner Jeannie Marx. 


Jeannie Marx is a founding partner of Marx & Marx, bringing to the firm decades of experience in civil rights and fighting for women’s issues. Following her graduation from Columbia Law in 1987, Jeannie worked at Rosenmen & Colin in New York specializing in employment discrimination.    

In 1984, Jeannie opened Marx & Marx with partner Robert to take on broad discrimination and sexual harassment in the workplace. Since then, she’s brought to her clients a  personal touch and unyielding determination in furthering civil rights in the workplace and school setting. 

Beyond the courtroom, Jeannie has built on her reputation as a successful litigator, co-authoring a book and numerous articles on topics ranging from age discrimination to sexual harassment, and additionally speaking at a number of conferences. Most recently, she and Robert saw one of their recent wins referenced at the NELA Conference in New Orleans.